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Free shipping on all orders over $75
Free shipping on all orders over $75

rewards program

A BrickBucks Reward Program introduces a lego money bill featuring a man in a green shirt.

BrickBucks Rewards

Military Bricks values your business and loyalty and we want to reward you for it through our Brick Bucks loyalty program.  Now you have the opportunity to earn purchase points toward your next set by the following actions

For every dollar you spend in (excluding shipping), you will receive 1 Brick Buck which is worth $.10 toward your next purchase.  So if you purchase a set for $27.00, you will receive 27 Brick Bucks which equates to $2.70 toward your next purchase.  Be sure to spend your Brick Bucks within 120 days or they will expire.

Write a Product Review
We love Cobi’s sets and we’re sure you will too.  Take a few minutes and write a review on one of the products you’ve purchased and receive 10 BrickBucks.

Move Up In Ranks
When you enlist in the Brick Bucks program you are also enrolled in our “Move up the Ranks” program.  With “Move Up the Ranks” you will earn promotion points that will advance you through our military ranking system that rewards you with not only badges for each level achieved but also additional BrickBucks. Earn promotion points to advance rank through the following actions:

  • User Registration:  When you register as a customer you will receive 10 promotion points.
  • Placing your first order: You automatically receive 20 promotion points when you make your first purchase.
  • Making purchases:  You will receive 1 promotion point for every 2 dollars you spend on purchases.


When you collect enough promotion points you will be promoted to the next rank and will receive a reward of Brick Bucks that you can use toward your next purchase.