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Free shipping on all orders over $75

COBI Military Brick Sets - Tanks, Planes, Ships & More

Pick Your Battles Then Build Them

COBI Military Brick Sets - Tanks, Planes, Ships & More

Pick Your Battles, Then Build Them

Our COBI Products

Our COBI Products

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What Makes COBI Blocks So Great

Why buy Cobi blocks?  It’s simple, Cobi offers a unique product similar to Lego but serves a part of the market specifically looking for modern and historical military sets.  For over 20 years Cobi company has been building construction brick sets.  Located in Warsaw, Poland, Cobi is the largest producer of brick sets in Central Europe meeting stringent EU quality standards and is ISO 9001 certified.  With all that said, Cobi’s products are just way COOL!  Attention to detail is consistent with Cobi sets making them play and display well.  Adults and children alike enjoy hours of fun building Cobi sets.  Cobi blocks also interlock with Lego or other brick systems if you choose to combine them. 

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Historically Accurate

If you like what you build to look like the real thing then you’ll love how COBI designers engineer their sets.  The owners of COBI; like many of us, are history buffs and know their military equipment.  Exceptional details are included in each set to bring iconic ships, airplanes, tanks, and other equipment to life through your own hands.

Compatible with LEGO

Lego brand building blocks are deservingly the number one toy in the world and have likely inspired your interest in COBI building sets.  COBI building blocks are 100 percent compatible with Lego blocks and allow you to expand your construction boundaries with additional elements if you choose to blend the two brands together.

Excellent Quality

The value of COBI is not just in the amazing design of their sets but starts at the conceptual level.  Each Cobi block is designed, prototyped and produced with the highest EU standards of quality.  Using the same resin used in Legos, Cobi bricks retain their shape, finish and “clickability” for generations.  For over 20 years, Cobi has been producing construction bricks at the world’s highest quality standard.

Learn History While Building

Learning from the conflicts of our past helps us prevent conflicts in our future. We believe that it’s essential to teach our younger generations not just about history in general but also conflict history.  The importance of knowing what actions led to huge sacrifices to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today is the main reason we bring you these amazing buildable replicas.  Cobi historical brick sets will inspire you or your child’s interest into the history of the sets you build and open great opportunities for learning to better our future.

Coming Soon!

Cobi is always introducing new designs and we like to keep you informed of what new sets will be available and when.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you in the loop when a new product hits US soil.  Many times we are able to pick up stock the the day after it is unloaded from the container allowing you to get your new released sets from MilitaryBricks before anywhere else!