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De Gaulee’s 1936 Horch 830 BL #2261



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De Gaulle’s Horch830BL is a set that brings with it a huge dose of history, which you will build with us, block by block!
Sensationally reproduced in a 1:35 scale model, the car consists of 244 elements and complements the collection of vintage COBI cars. Bricks and figures depicting General Charles De Gaulle and the driver are covered with high-quality prints.

Horch is a German automotive company founded at the beginning of the 20th century in Zwickau (Saxony). From the very beginning, Horch cars were characterized by high quality, modern technical solutions and a great finish. In 1933, the luxury sedan “Horch 830” made its debut on the market and became an instant hit. This prompted the manufacturer to release new variants of the car. In 1935, the Horch 830 B appeared with a more powerful engine and the Horch 830 BL in a version with an elongated body.

Horch, like other companies, supplied vehicles for the military in the 1930s. Civil production was intended to a large extent for the needs of high-ranking officials. This 1936 Horch 830 BL car belonged to the Commander of Defense of Paris, General Dietrich von Choltitz. After the surrender of Paris in August 1944, the car fell into the hands of the Allies.

The next and at the same time the most famous user of this car was General Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French, future head of the French government and president. The Horch 830 BL became the general’s favorite car, used on many occasions. Perhaps, to some extent, the sentiment for this car also prompted de Gaulle to end the eternal rivalry between France and Germany. In 1963, together with the German chancellor, he signed the “Elysée Treaty”, which obligated both countries to cooperate in many areas. The signatures of President de Goulle and Chancellor Adenauer initiated the process of reconciliation between nations. The driving force for the idea of a uniting Europe was created!

  • 244 high-quality components
  • produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition,
  • meet the safety standards for products for children,
  • fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks,
  • blocks with prints do not deform and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature,
  • car model,
  • 2 figures including Charles De Gaulle and a drive

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Below are very informative and entertaining videos to discover more about this unit and it’s place in history. Please be aware that some of these videos may contain crude language and/or actual footage of warfare. This may be disturbing to sensitive or young viewers. We have selected the videos for their historical context in relation to our products for the purpose of research and learning.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 13.55 × 7.25 × 1.5 in

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A BrickBucks Reward Program introduces a lego money bill featuring a man in a green shirt.

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